Yes, you can add media from Google Drive into an editing project.

Option 1. Use the direct file importing feature in Clipchamp that appears when you click on the plus symbol "Add media".

Preview of Google Drive import in Clipchamp

Option 2. Download the files from Google Drive to your computer and then add them to your project from there.

Option 3. Locate the synced Google Drive folder on your computer and add the media file from there (if your Google Drive files are synced with your computer)

If it's your first time importing files from your GDrive, click the Gdrive icon as shown above.

A pop-up window will appear requesting access to Google Drive. Click Continue to allow access.

Preview of permissions dialogue in Google Drive import in Clipchamp

A second pop-up window will appear Choose an account to continue to Clipchamp. Click the correct email address linked to your GDrive files.

Preview of permissions dialogue Google Drive import in Clipchamp

Then select the files that you want to add in your project.

File selection on Google Drive to import into Clipchamp

If you're on a Chromebook, you can add files to your Clipchamp project from your Google Drive as well. See Using Clipchamp on a Chromebook.

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