Yes! The Create video editor supports adding media files directly from your Dropbox library. Here's how to connect your Dropbox account to Clipchamp, edit your Dropbox files directly in the editor, and save them back to Dropbox once you're finished:


How to edit video and image files from Dropbox

To add media from Dropbox into an editing project, use the direct file importing feature in Clipchamp that appears when you click on the plus symbol "Add media"

A pop-up window will appear requesting access to Dropbox. Click Continue to allow access.

A second pop-up window will appear Sign in to your Dropbox account to continue to Clipchamp. Fill out your correct email address and password or sign in with Google.

Once you are signed in, another pop-up window will appear. Click Allow.

NOTE: you will have to login to Clipchamp using the Dropbox login option. If you already have a Clipchamp account, you will be logged into that account provided that you use the same email account for Dropbox as you do for Clipchamp.

You can now add any video file from Dropbox into your Clipchamp Media library.

Your file will appear in your My Media tab. Drag and drop your video onto the timeline to start editing.

When you're done editing, export your project, and it will automatically be saved back to your Dropbox library. Click Save to Dropbox to open the drop-down saving menu.

Give your project a name, select a specific folder and click Save.

Use Dropbox's time-stamped commenting feature to get instant feedback

You can re-open your project in Clipchamp to make further changes.

These steps, including screenshots, are also shown in our blog post about editing Dropbox videos.


If your files don't load

If video files from Dropbox don't load into Clipchamp, it can be because:

  • the files are too large and this is causing connection issues.

  • there is not enough space on the computer's disk (Clipchamp runs in the browser but uses the computer's local resources while you work on projects, like a hybrid between an installed and an online app, so it needs space to download the files).

  • the files on Dropbox belong to someone else and you only have read access.

If you have any of these problems, download the files to your computer outside of Clipchamp and use these local copies in an editing project instead.


Disconnect Dropbox from Clipchamp

If you ever want to disconnect your Dropbox account from your Clipchamp account, you can do so from your Dropbox account page. Under 'Apps with access to your Dropbox', open Clipchamp Login and Clipchamp and click the Disconnect buttons.


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