Clipchamp works with StoryBlocks to offer access to a library of thousands of stock videos, graphics, sound effects and music tracks you can add to your Create editing projects. 

If you're on the free Basic Plan, you'll be able to add watermarked stock video and audio files to your project, then purchase them individually at the time of export.

To use un-watermarked stock assets without buying them one-by-one, you can also upgrade to a paid Create Plan that includes access to unlimited stock video and/or audio assets. You'll be charged a monthly or yearly subscription fee (see pricing).

Once a stock asset is purchased, you can export that particular asset as many times as you like in different Create projects without being charged for it again.


License / Terms of Use

You are allowed to incorporate purchased stock video and audio assets into projects that you export from Clipchamp Create, be these projects for commercial or non-commercial purposes, and share your finished projects freely.

However, you may not download and redistribute the individual underlying stock files, use them in other editing programs, share or sell them.

Please see Appendix 1 on our Terms and Conditions page to read the full StoryBlocks End User License Agreement.


How to add stock files

To learn more about how to add stock files to Create projects, please see:

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