You can do chroma keying  (i.e. take a video that contains a green screen and fill the green parts with a different video or image) by using the Green Screen option in the Filters menu of the Clipchamp editor. See below for a step-by-step guide with images.

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How to add a Green Screen effect 

Green screening (a.k.a. chroma keying) is a special effect used to layer a video or image on another video in places where the green color is shown. For example, you can use it to insert your video into a laptop, tablet, or billboard within another video; to add your video into a newsroom scene; or even brush away sand to reveal your video:

Before and after picture of chroma keying

To start chroma key compositing, open a new Clipchamp video, then:

Step 1. Add the videos you want to work with to your video

Add videos or images from your computer by clicking the Your media button in the top left, then selecting Browse my files.

Close up of drag and drop files or browse files

NOTE: one of your videos must contain a green screen for this effect to work! 

If you don't have any green screen videos, you can add one from Clipchamp's extensive video stock library. Simply click the Stock icon in the left menu of the editor, which looks like this:

Close up of stock video tab

Then search for "green screen" or "chroma-key", and add a clip to your project. In this example we've added one of a hand wiping away sand:

Preview of green screen videos in the stock library

Step 2. Drag the video containing the Green Screen into the timeline 

Drag and drop the video that contains the Green Screen from your media library into the timeline at the bottom of your project.

User dragging and dropping video onto the timeline

Step 3. Drag another video underneath it 

Drag a different video to the timeline so that it appears underneath the green screen video in a new track.

User dragging and dropping second video onto the timeline below the stock green screen video

Step 4. Click on the upper clip to reveal the editing menu

The clip will be highlighted when selected in the timeline and a menu will appear in the top left.

Editing options appear

Step 5. Click the Filters tab and choose Green Screen 

In the editing menu, click Filters. Use the scroller on the right-hand side of the menu to scroll down until you find the Green Screen filter. Click it to apply the filter.

Close up of green screen Filter

Now if you play the video you'll see that the lower video appears in the upper video – a successful chroma key effect!

Preview of the green screen filter working

If you want to change the video that appears beneath the green screen clip, simply drag a different video into the timeline in its place.

Step 6. Save your final video

If you're finished chroma-keying and would like to save the videos in your timeline to your computer, click the Export button in the top right. For more information see: exporting your video.


Try it out

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