Yes, you can add visual effects to videos in the Create editor. 

You can currently slow down, speed up, crop, flip, rotate, add filters, or change the colour and contrast of a video.  You can also add fade in and fade out effects as well as transitions between video clips.

It is not currently possible to add sound effects (only to change the volume of an audio clip).

We're working hard to improve the editor and plan to add more effects and transition options soon.


How to add effects

To add an effect, simply select the video in the timeline (click on it so it is highlighted), and use the menu that appears above to the left, shown here:

If you're not sure how to add videos to your timeline, see this article.


Effects you can add to your videos

  • FILTERS: You can add a filter to change the appearance of a video, for example to add noise to or blur. You can also use filters to make a video black and white:
  • COLOURS: You can also adjust the colours of a video (the saturation and temperature) to make it appear washed out or intense, or add a sepia effect.
  • ROTATING AND FLIPPING: You can flip or rotate the position of a video, e.g. mirror it or turn it by 90 or 180 degrees.


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