Clipchamp works with high-quality stock media providers to offer thousands of stock videos, graphics, images, audio, and backgrounds.

This article will focus on stock videos, graphics, and backgrounds.

If you're on the Free plan, you'll be able to add stock videos to your projects, but unless you choose videos that are marked as free (click on the "free forever" collection in the library to see options), they will be watermarked with a Clipchamp logo.

To remove watermarks, you can upgrade to a paid plan with access to stock videos. While on a plan, you'll be charged a monthly or yearly subscription fee.

NOTE: you can always use your own video files in editing projects for free without any watermarking.

How to add stock videos to your project

Step 1. Click the stock video tab.

Click the stock video tab in the left sidebar.

Step 2. Search video library.

You can use the search bar to look for a specific video or use keywords.

You can also browse stock videos using our hand-curated categories.

To preview a video, hover your cursor over the stock video. The video will play.

Step 3. Add the stock video to your media or the timeline.

To use a stock video, click on the + button in the corner of the video preview. This button will automatically add the stock video to your timeline.

You can also click on the video preview to view more options. Here, you can add to my media, add to timeline, or view similar stock videos.

Step 4. Minimize the stock video library.

Once you're done browsing the stock library, simply click the < on the sidebar menu.

Adding stock videos to your timeline

Locate your stock videos in the your media tab. Drag and drop the video onto the timeline to start editing.

When the video plays, you will still see the watermark at this stage if you are on a Free Plan. The watermark will be removed if you upgrade your account to the Essentials plan that includes audio, video, and image stock assets.

Exporting a project with stock videos

If you export a project that includes stock videos without being on a paid plan, you can choose to:

  • upgrade to the Essentials plan subscription that comes with unlimited stock videos (as well unlimited stock audio and higher quality exports), ORĀ 

  • export a draft watermarked video.

If you decide to upgrade to the plan, be sure to select your desired billing frequency (either monthly or yearly) before making a payment.

Try it out

Head straight to Clipchamp to try out adding stock videos for yourself:

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