If you have 2 or more videos (or images) that you would like to put next to each other and merge into 1 video, you can easily do this using Create. Simply add the videos to your project, then drag and drop them into the timeline one after the other so they are next to each other. When you export the project, the videos you added to the timeline will be turned into one video file. 

For more detailed instructions with images, see below:


Step-by-step guide: turning two videos into one video

After logging in to Create and starting a new project, follow these steps:

1. Add the videos to your project's media library

Click on the plus icon (+) or the Add Media button

Then click Browse my files in the sidebar menu that appears (or select from the online storage or cloud-based providers). 

In the browsing menu that opens, find the videos on your computer. Select them and click Open.

This will add the videos to your project's media library.


2. Add the videos to the timeline

Once your videos appear, drag and drop them into the timeline at the bottom of the project or click the plus icon on the thumbnail:

You might need to use the + and – buttons on the right hand side of the timeline to zoom in or out so you see and position your two clips correctly:

Don't leave any blank space in the front of the first video or between the two videos, otherwise this space will show as black in your final video.

TIP: you can also trim or split the videos to remove unwanted parts, or add filters, text and other effects (see how to edit a video for more information).


3. Export your video

Once the videos you want to combine are in the timeline, click the Export Video button in the top right of your project:

In the panel that appears to the left, click the purple Export video button.

Your video will start exporting and you will see a progress bar with a percentage:

After the export is done, the video will be automatically downloaded. Your two videos have now been combined and saved as one .mp4 (MPEG4) video file to your computer.



If you can't export your video or it exports too slowly, please see this article for troubleshooting tips that might help you to export successfully.


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