While you can export your project and share the resulting video file with anyone you like, it is not currently possible to share or collaborate with other Create users while editing a project.

Can I share a project by giving someone else my login?

If you've only used stock video and audio from our library, then yes, people on other computers should be able to view and edit your project if they sign in to your account, since these source stock files are available online.

If you've used your own video, media and audio files, then people on other computers won't be able to open your project, even if they use your login. This is because these source files are stored and accessed locally on your computer, and are not uploaded anywhere or available online.

If you would still really like to share your work-in-progress with someone else, you can send them your source media files (the video, audio and image files that you used in your project) via a USB stick or an online file sharing solution such as Google Drive or Dropbox. If they then sign in to your account and relink these files when prompted, they will be able to view and edit the project. 

For more details on how to do this, please see: Can I work on my Create project on a different computer?

A better solution on the horizon...

In future we plan to add a cloud storage and collaboration option that will easily allow remote teams to view and work on projects together.


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