It is possible for two or more people to work on one editing project as long as edits happen one after the other. You can do this either if you use the same account login or by starting a team workspace (recommended).

Can I share a project by giving someone else my login?

Yes, if you enable the cloud sync feature in your video to securely upload its media files to the cloud, or only use stock video and audio from our online library, someone on another computer will be able to edit your video if they sign in to your account and you don't have the video open on your computer at the same time.

If you don't enable cloud sync this won't be possible without relinking the original files. This is because the source media files in Clipchamp are by default stored and accessed locally on your computer, and are not uploaded anywhere or available online unless you use cloud sync.

To learn how to enable cloud sync, please see this article.

A better solution to collaborate

We launched an early version of our teams feature in May 2021 that we'll gradually expand in the course of the year. It lets you view and work on projects together using different logins. This includes setting roles for your team members - viewer, editor, billing admin, team admin.


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