Do Clipchamp videos have a watermark?

There are no watermarks on exported videos if you use your own media assets or free assets from Clipchamp's stock library.

In most cases, you cannot add premium content assets or use premium features if you are on the free plan. To access the premium content library or use premium features, please upgrade to a plan that includes the relevant content or features.

It may be possible to open a project that contains premium content assets, such as if you open a project that was created while you were previously on a paid account. In this case, a watermark may be applied when you export your video.

If you create a video using premium stock or a feature that is not included in your free plan, you will not be able to export and save your video until you upgrade your account. You will still be able to play watermarked videos inside the editor, but you will not be able to export your video without upgrading your Clipchamp plan.

You will see a notification in Clipchamp if your video contains paid features that aren't included in your plan. You can remove the watermark by upgrading to a premium plan that includes the paid feature.

How to remove watermarks from your video

To remove these watermarks from your video, you will either need to:

  • upgrade to a paid plan that includes access to stock video and/or audio assets (you can pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee: see pricing), or

  • delete the stock assets from the timeline, or

  • create a free watermark-free video by replacing premium stock assets with stock assets marked as free.

Note that on any plan, including the free plan, you can add your own video, image, and audio files from your computer for free without any watermarking.

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