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This article is about unsupported file type errors in both the Clipchamp Create and Clipchamp Utilities products. Please scroll down to see information relevant to the product you are using.


Unsupported file type errors in Create

If you're seeing an error message that your input file is not supported when you add it to Create, this can mean that it's in a format Clipchamp doesn't recognise. To check if this is the case, please see this list of file types that Clipchamp supports. Note that Create only supports video, image or audio files.

It can also mean that something went wrong in the adding process, so we also suggest reloading the page and trying again.

You can also try converting a problematic video file to mp4 using Clipchamp Utilities, then saving it and adding it to your Create project. To switch to the Utilities dashboard, use the C icon in the top left of your Projects screen (you can switch back to Create using the square icon in the top right when you're finished):

If your file still doesn't work (and is listed as a supported file type), it may be corrupted or unreadable, or there may be another problem. For more troubleshooting tips see the suggestions at the end of this article: what to do if your assets don't load in Create.

If you are willing to share your file with us, you can also contact us and we will try to investigate what the problem is.


Unsupported file type errors in Utilities

If you're trying to convert or compress a file in Utilities and you're seeing an error message that your input file is not supported, this can mean it's not a video file (image and audio-only files won't work in Utilities).

If you're adding a supported video format from this list (e.g. MOV, MP4) and you still see an error, this might be because because it is too large to be processed in the browser you are using (e.g. Safari or Firefox). To solve this issue please use Utilities in the latest version of Google Chrome. In this browser you can compress much larger files – we successfully tested input videos of up to 20 GB and users have reported processing even larger files. 

Also make sure that your computer has enough free memory available and sufficient free disk space on its HDD or SSD for temporary storage. 

If that doesn't fix the problem, please see: What to do if Utilities doesn't work.

In some rare cases, there are video types that cannot be processed with Clipchamp, or your file may be corrupted.


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