Yes, you can make a copy or duplicate of an existing video in your Clipchamp dashboard.

This is helpful if you want to keep an existing version of your video before making changes or if you want to create two different versions of the same video.

How to copy a video in Clipchamp

On your Clipchamp dashboard, locate the video you would like to copy. Click on the three dots button to open video options. Next, click on the make a copy button. This will make a duplicate of your video that you can edit independently of the original.

If you're already editing that video, exit the video and return to your Clipchamp home page. You can do this by clicking the Clipchamp logo in the top left corner of the editor, then clicking on the back to home button.

If the copy doesn't appear immediately, try reloading the page.

Tip: The first time you open the copied project, you might need to relink the media files including the video, audio, and image files you added to the project. The quickest way to do this is by relinking the entire folder in which you keep the files. Clipchamp will only upload the ones relevant to the project.

If you're looking for more help, check out our help blogs on saving a project and closing or deleting a project.

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