Once you've exported your finished video, you can share or embed it using the buttons provided. Current options include:

1) Direct uploads to

  • Google Drive

  • YouTube

  • TikTok

  • OneDrive

  • Dropbox

  • Pinterest

  • Box

  • LinkedIn (company pages)

2) Saving the file to your computer

3) Creating a watch page in Clipchamp to share the clip with viewers and obtain an embed link

If you want to share a video while you're still editing it, please see this article instead: Can I share my video with other people so they can work on it?


If you've finished editing your video and are ready to upload or share it, click the Export video button in the top right of the editor (for more information on exporting, please see this article).

Close up for export button

Once your project starts exporting, you'll see all uploading options and the Enable sharing section.

Exporting end screen

Click Copy Link to save this link to your clipboard. 

Sharing enabled box

You can then send it to friends or share it online. When someone visits it, they'll see a page where they can play the video, which will look something like this:

Screenshot of sharepages

To embed the video on a website, click Embed.

Screenshot of embed video on a website code

This will open up a screen with HTML text. You can copy and paste this text into a blog post or a web page to embed the video.


If you lose the link or forget to copy it and navigate away, you can always access it again via the Dashboard Page. Simply click on the dots in the right-hand corner of the video in question and click Share video in the dropdown.

Screenshot of dashboard page and clicking share video

This will show you the link and embed text for the latest exported version of the video. You can copy them by clicking the Make a copy button.

You can also select more sharing options like email, Facebook Messanger, Facebook, Reddit, and Whatsapp.

Screenshot of more sharing options


Where is the video hosted? 

Videos you create a share page for are hosted on Clipchamp servers (through Google and Cloudflare infrastructure).


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