When you start a Create project, the default aspect ratio will be 16:9

But if you want to change the dimensions later, or make a copy of a your project in another aspect ratio, you can. 

See below for a step by step guide, as well as tips on removing black bars (the letterbox effect) if you want your videos to fill the frame.


How to change the dimensions of an existing Create project

To change a project's dimensions, open the project in the Create editor. 

NOTE: if you want to create a new version of a project with different dimensions while still keeping the old version, first make a copy of the project on the projects page, then open the copy and follow the below steps.

1. Click the ratio button to the right of the playback window

This button displays the project's current aspect ratio, e.g. the video in the below example is 16:9 (widescreen):

2. Hover over the other ratios to see a preview

Once you've clicked on the ratio, other ratio options will appear in beneath it. You can hover over these to see a preview of what those new dimensions might look like. 

3. Click on a new ratio to change the project to that ratio

If the original dimensions of the videos and/or images you've added don't match the one you've chosen for the project, you will see black bars on the sides of the frame, as shown in the below example. This is a letterboxing effect to preserve the full frame of the original video. To remove it with cropping, see the next step.

NOTE: if you don't want to crop the clip, you can also use a blur fill effect to replace these black bars with a blurred extension of the video - see adding filters.

4. If you want to remove the black bars, resize the clip or make sure to choose the appropriate aspect ratio of the clip.

To resize a clip so that the video and/or image is cropped to fill the frame:

  1. Click on the clip in the timeline so it is selected 

  2. Under the Transform menu in the top left, click the RESIZING dropdown

  3. Choose Crop to Fill (instead of Auto Fit)

Now your video should be cropped to fill the full-frame, as shown in our example:

There is currently no way to set all of your clips to 'Crop to Fill' at the same time, so you have to set each individually. However, we're always working to improve the editor and plan to make this easier in future.

Once you've set your clips to 'Crop to Fill' they will automatically fill the frame, even if you change the aspect ratios again in future.


Try it out

Ready to get started? Head straight to Create to try it out for yourself:

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