You can use the picture-in-picture (PiP) tool to place a smaller video clip or image on top of the mainframe of your project in Clipchamp.

Moving picture of picture in picture example


Here is how to do it

  • Add a video, gif, or image to the editing timeline. 

  • Select/ highlight the item. 

  • The layout panel will appear above or near the preview screen.

Close up of picture in picture button under layout
  • Click it to enable PiP.

  • Then, move the item onto a 2nd row on the timeline above another image or video you want it to appear on top of:

Two videos on the timeline one above each other
  • Click the icon again to see the placement and size options:

The following shows the steps in sequence:

Moving picture of using the picture in picture feature and moving the top layer video around the video preview
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