Yes, you can add GIF files to your Clipchamp videos, either by:

  • adding them directly from your computer, or

  • adding them from the GIPHY tab in the Clipchamp stock library

This article shows you how to do both of these things, and how to edit GIFs to fit the aspect ratio of your project.

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How to add GIFS from your computer 

In the top left of your Clipchamp project, click the Add Media button (a + symbol), then drag and drop files from your computer choose a .gif file from your computer.

Close up of add media button on the editor left sidebar
Close up of the add media button opened
Moving picture of user adding a GIF file from their computer onto the timeline

Alternatively, drag and drop your .gif file into the project's media area. 

The GIF will now appear in the media library. To start editing it, drag it to the timeline at the bottom of your project (see below for more information)


How to add GIFS from the stock library 

In the left-hand or sidebar menu of your Clipchamp project, click the Graphics button to open the Stock library:

Close up of Graphics button on the left toolbar

In the sidebar menu, choose GIPHY or Stickers.

Close up of GIPHY in the left tool bar
Close up of GIPHY see more option

Use the search bar at the top to search for a GIF. 

User searching a keyword in the search bar

Once you've found the one you want, hover over it with your cursor, then click the + button that appears in the top left. This will add to your project's media library and will be added to your timeline.

Moving picture of user dragging and dropping a GIF onto the timeline


How to edit GIFS in your project 

To start using GIF files in your video, drag and drop them into the timeline at the bottom of your project. 

GIF images come in a range of sizes, so if any of the gifs you've added don't fit your project's aspect ratio, you have two options to get rid of the black bars on either side:

OPTION 1. Use Crop to Fill

Click on the clip in the timeline so it's highlighted green. On the video preview, you'll see some editing options appear on the left. Click on the Crop to fill button.

User clicking on Crop to fill

Your GIF will now be cropped to fill the screen but may appear a little blurry.

Close up of GIF cropped to fill

OPTION 2. Use Blur Fill

Click on the clip in the timeline and an editing menu will appear in the top left. In this menu, choose the Filters tab, then scroll to find the Blur Fill filter and select it.

User clicking on filters option then searching for the Blur fill filter

Once you have clicked on the Blur fill filter, the edges of the GIF will now be blurred.

Close up of the GIF with the BLUR FILL filter

Note that you can also trim and split image clips the same you would for video clips to adjust how long they play.  


Saving your video 

If you're finished editing your GIFs and would like to save the video in your timeline to your computer, click the Export button in the top right.

Close up of export button

Save your video as a GIF.

Close up of saving GIF as a GIF


Try it out

Ready to get started? Head straight to Clipchamp to try it out for yourself:

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