Yes, you can add GIF files to your Clipchamp videos either by:

  • adding them directly from your computer, or

  • adding them from the GIPHY tab in the Clipchamp stock library

How to add GIFs from your computer 

Click the import media button to upload your .gif file from your computer. You can also click on the down arrow to see our importing integrations like Google Drive. Alternatively, drag and drop your gif media file using the media bar.

The GIF will now appear in the your media library. To start editing it, drag it to the timeline.

How to add GIFs from the stock library 

Click on the graphics tab on the left toolbar.

You will see stickers, backgrounds, frames and overlays, shapes, annotations, GIPHY and GIPHY stickers.

Click on the arrow to see more GIFs.

Using the search bar, search for a specific genre, or scroll through our trending GIFs.

How to edit GIFs in your video

Drag and drop a GIF onto your timeline or click on the + button.

GIF images come in various sizes, so if they don't fit your video's aspect ratio, you have two options to remove the black bars on either side.

Option 1. Fit button

Click on your GIF on the timeline so it's highlighted green. Next, click on the fill button on the floating toolbar.

Your GIF will now be cropped to fill the video aspect ratio.

Option 2. Use the blur filter

Click on the filters tab on the property panel. Next, click on the blur filter. The black borders will now have a blurred effect.

Note that you can also trim and split image clips as you would for video clips to adjust how long they play.  

Saving your GIF video 

Click on the export button when you're ready to save your video. Select a video resolution to continue. You can select to save your GIF as a GIF, 480p, 720p, or 1080p.

Try it out

Ready to get started? Head straight to Clipchamp to try it out for yourself:

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