Yes, there are two ways to add voice overs to your Clipchamp videos.

Option 1. Add a computer-generated voiceover using our AI text-to-speech voiceover feature.

You can turn words into a natural voice over audio in a variety of accents in Clipchamp. There are 170 unique voices to choose from, with different accents and sounds. We offer 70 languages.

Option 2. Import your voiceover into Clipchamp

Record your voiceover in an audio recording application and import the audio file into your project using the Import Media menu.

Most Android or Apple smartphones have an audio recording application pre-installed. On an iPhone, it's called Voice Memos.

NOTE: if you record a voiceover on your phone, the file will need to be copied to your computer before you can add it to your project. This is easily done by using a sync function in the app or even just emailing yourself the file.

Can I record my own audio in Clipchamp?

While there's no option to record audio (voice-overs) directly in Clipchamp now, we are working on this feature and plan to add it soon.


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