We've updated Clipchamp so it's now simple to preview your videos in full screen. How does it work? Two clicks! All you need to do is collapse the timeline and the sidebar. We're here to show you how.

Step 1. Create a video or open an existing video in Clipchamp

Step 2. Collapse the sidebar

Collapse the sidebar by selecting the collapse/expand button (pictured). A keyboard shortcut isn't currently available.

This is what the collapsed sidebar should look like.

Step 2. Collapse the timeline

Collapse the timeline by selecting the collapse/expand button (pictured), or you can use the keyboard shortcut command + option + 3.

This is what the collapsed timeline and sidebar should look like aka a full screen preview!

Step 4. Watch your full screen preview

Press play and enjoy viewing your video in its full screen glory!

Step 4. Return Clipchamp to its regular display

To return your screen to its previous view, simply select the same buttons you used to collapse the timeline and sidebar. Clicking them will expand the timeline and sidebar to its previous size.

This is what Clipchamp should look like once it's returned to regular display.

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