Clipchamp is now a Microsoft company, which means if you work on a Windows device, the way the Clipchamp app works will be different.

Different how?

It's pretty simple — now, when you open the Clipchamp app on a Windows device, you'll be automatically logged in using your Microsoft account.


All Clipchamp users require a Microsoft account to log in.

For Windows users in particular, this change will create a seamless experience while using Clipchamp alongside other offerings that utilize your Microsoft account, like OneDrive.

Will this create a brand-new account?

Yes. The first time you open the Clipchamp app on a Windows device following this change, you'll be opening a brand new Clipchamp account too.

What if I already have a Clipchamp account with saved videos?

No worries! If you've previously created a Clipchamp account using Google, Facebook, or Dropbox, you can simply connect your new Microsoft account and old account to retrieve your videos.

OK, but what if I open Clipchamp in my browser?

If you open Clipchamp in the browser, you won't be automatically logged in with your Microsoft account. However, you can manually log in with your Microsoft account.

How to connect your Microsoft account and old account

1. Go to settings

In the home sidebar, select settings.

2. Connect your old account

In your profile, you'll see a new section called connected accounts. There, choose the method (Google, Facebook, or Dropbox) you previously used to log in to Clipchamp.

3. Follow the instructions to authorize your old account

After selecting an option, you'll need to authorize your old account using your old log in details.

4. Your retrieved videos will appear in your Microsoft account

All videos retrieved from your old account will automatically appear in your videos.

Can I still use my old account?

No. Once you've connected your accounts, your old one will no longer be accessible.

Troubleshooting errors when connecting your old account

If it isn't possible to connect to your account:

There a several potential reasons you've received this message:

  • Your old account is on a paid subscription. You'll need to cancel it before connecting. You can then set up the paid subscription with your new Microsoft account.

  • You've already started creating videos with your new Microsoft account. In the short term, only empty Microsoft accounts (aka accounts with no videos) will be eligible for connection to old accounts. We're working on this limitation and hope to fix it in the near future. You can solve this issue by deleting any videos created in your Microsoft account before connecting.

If your authentication failed:

This means you've provided some incorrect details when authenticating your old account. These details could include one or more of the following errors:

  • Incorrect password

  • Incorrect email address

  • You selected the wrong type of account to connect e.g. Google instead of Facebook.

If you receive a general error:

How to connect your Google account to Clipchamp account

If you have an existing Clipchamp account with a Microsoft ID, you can connect your Google account to that Clipchamp account.

You may encounter an error message like this:

Or this error on the settings page:

If the account you're trying to link isn't associated with an existing Clipchamp account, you can:

  1. Log out of your Microsoft Clipchamp account.

  2. Create a new Clipchamp account with the Google account you would like to link.

  3. Try to link the account again, after the new Clipchamp account is created.

Following these steps will link your Google account to your existing Microsoft Clipchamp account.

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