Stock images can be used to create engaging slideshow videos and presentations in Clipchamp.

Step 1. Find stock images in the sidebar

Click on the stock images tab on the left sidebar. Explore the collections on offer or use the search bar to find a specific image.

Step 2. Select an image and add it to your timeline

Hover your cursor over the stock image you want to add to your video. A green plus icon will appear in the bottom right corner of the stock image. Click the green plus icon to add it to your timeline. You can also drag and drop the image onto your timeline.

Your image will also appear in the your media tab.

Step 3. Edit your stock image

Edit stock images like any other media in Clipchamp. You can trim it, add transitions between it and other media, filters, and more.

Step 4. Make your stock image fit your video

Stock images come in assorted sizes, and sometimes will have a black border. You can adjust the stock image to make it fit your video's aspect ratio perfectly by editing it's size.

You can remove black borders by selecting your image in the timeline, then clicking on the fit button in the floating toolbar.

You can also resize your stock image by dragging the corners in and out to edit the size on the video preview.

The stock image will fit the aspect ratio of your video now.

Ready to get started?

Head straight to Clipchamp to try it out for yourself:

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