Edit the duration of an image with a few clicks. All images added to the timeline in Clipchamp will have a five-second duration by default. Here are the steps to adjust the duration of an image in your video.

There are two different ways you can change the duration of an image on the timeline.


Step 1. Click your image on the timeline

Click on the image in your timeline, so it's highlighted green.

Step 2. Drag the image handles left and right

Click on the image green handlebar. Drag the handle left and right to edit the duration of the image. Dragging the handle to the left will make the time duration longer, and to the right will make the time duration shorter.


Step 1. Use the split and delete tools

To decrease the duration of your image to a specific time stamp, use the split and delete tools. Drag the seeker to the exact spot you'd like your image's duration to end. Then, select the split icon (scissors) to split your image.

Your image will now be split into two.

Step 2. Delete the unwanted image

Next, click on the image you would like to delete, so it's highlighted green. Click on the trash can icon to delete the image. Once deleted, your image time duration will be shorter.

Try it out

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