Your font choices communicate more than you might think. Arial is clean, confident, and modern. Merriweather is an elegant classic. And with our new fonts added to Clipchamp iOS app, you can express your personality and branding in just a few taps.

Add value to your video with our new updated fonts, colors, and effects.

Follow our steps below to learn how to add text to your video.

Step 1. Tap on the + symbol to open video editing options, then tap on the Text tab.

Step 2. Text options will appear below an active flashing curser. Use your smartphone keyboard to type your desired text.

Step 3. Tap on a font that best suits your video. You can change the font as many times as you like.

Step 4. Tap on the text effects option to the right of the fonts (the symbol looks like an A in a box). There are 4 different effects to choose from. Keep tapping until you find your desired text effect.

Step 5. Alter your text orientation. Either center your text, or select left or right.

Step 6. Change your text color by tapping on the color options. You can scroll across for more color options.

Try our iOS app.

Ready to get started? Head straight to the Clipchamp iOS app to try it out for yourself:

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