Here's how to remove gaps from your video in Clipchamp.

Step 1. Create a gap in the timeline

Gaps are created in the timeline when trimming clips or other items. The gap will be noticeable because you’ll see a black empty space.

GIF of Clipchamp editor. A video clip is shown being trimmed on the timeline.

Step 2. Remove your gap

Hover your cursor over the gap created, and a trash can icon will appear. This icon indicates the gap removal feature. Select the icon to remove your gap. You’ll notice nearby clips will rearrange to close the gap.

GIF of Clipchamp editor. A gap is being deleted off the timeline using the trash symbol.

How to remove stacked gaps

Sometimes, you’ll have multiple gaps stacked on top of each other in the timeline — a video and an audio track for example. If this happens, you won’t need to remove these gaps individually. Instead, hover your cursor at the top of the timeline to see the trash can icon appear. Select the icon to remove the stacked gaps.

GIF of Clipchamp editor. Multiple layered gaps are being deleted using the trash symbol on the timeline.

How to remove extra small gaps

Some gaps will be too small to display the gap removal icon. If you have an extra small gap like this, hover your cursor over the gap, right-click and select Delete gap from the options that appear.

GIF of Clipchamp editor. A small gap can be deleted using the right click then select delete gap on the timeline.

Go remove those gaps!

It’s time to try gap removal in Clipchamp. We hope this smart new feature makes your video editing even easier.

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