In some circumstances, Clipchamp is not able to properly load the fast converter in your browser and is using a "slow transcoder" or "slow converter" that uses different technology behind the scenes instead.

This can happen if the connection to Clipchamp is interrupted while the fast converter is loading or if another cause prevents it from starting up how it should (of which there are quite a few so we won't go into detail here).

If this happens on your computer and you see a message that Clipchamp is using the "slow converter" or "slow transcoder", you can switch back to the fast one by going through the following steps:

1) make sure you use Clipchamp in Google Chrome

2) empty your browser cache by following the steps described here.

3) delete the browser cookies that Clipchamp set. (See this Google support article for instructions for how to clear all cookies.)

Once you've gone through these steps, reload Clipchamp and try another conversion. The fast converter should be back in action, if there are still problems please get in touch with us by opening a support ticket.

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