In some descriptions of the Clipchamp webcam recording feature such as lists of features in the free or Business plans, we mention a maximum recording length, currently of 5 or 30 minutes. What this means is that when you record videos in Clipchamp Utilities, the maximum length for these recordings is 5 minutes in the free plan and 30 minutes in the Business plan of the Clipchamp Recorder.

When you record a video, 10 seconds before these time limits are reached, you will see a warning and countdown message.

The recording will automatically stop at the end of the countdown.

In other words, the "max recording length" does not apply if you're processing an input video you already had on your computer. There is no limit to the length of existing video files that Clipchamp lets you compress, edit and convert, only to webcam recordings you make on or through an embedded Clipchamp button.

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