When you start a webcam recording and see on your screen what the webcam sees before and during the recording, any text will look mirrored like in this example:



However when you finish the recording and the video has finished processing, the text will get shown the correct way in the recorded video file.


Clipchamp switches the recorded image around in this processing step automatically so that any text you recorded should get displayed as intended.


If that is not the case in the finished webcam recordings on your computer, you can use Clipchamp's video editing options including rotating and flipping to correct the output video and how it is getting played back so that your text shows up correctly.


For illustration purposes, I flipped and mirrored the recording like this:



To use video editing, click on Convert your Recording on the "Save & Share" screen. The video editing tools are available on the screen that comes up next.


You can make your changes there, then click Start and the processed/corrected recording will become available on the "Save & Share" screen again like this:


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