If you're using Clipchamp's video converter, video compressor or video editor on clipchamp.com in the 32-bit version of Firefox (which is the default Firefox unless you deliberately installed its 64-bit version) or an unsupported device such as some tablets and smartphones, you might see an error message similar to

"Probing [input file name] returned non-zero exit code (1): STDOUT trace: { } STDERR trace:"

The best option to prevent this kind of error and to have your input video get processed successfully is to use Clipchamp on your laptop or desktop computer in the latest version of Google Chrome.

Alternatively if you're on a Windows computer, it will also help to switch from Firefox' 32-bit version to its 64-bit twin, please see here for how to do this: https://support.mozilla.org/t5/Install-and-Update/How-to-switch-from-32-bit-to-64-bit-Firefox/ta-p/36215. All your Firefox user data such as bookmarks will be copied over into the 64-bit Firefox so you won't loose any data.

From Firefox 53 onward, all new installations of this browser will be 64-bit by default.

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