If you're using Clipchamp to compress videos before you upload them to YouTube, are using Clipchamp's direct YouTube upload option and are seeing an error message during the upload process, this can have multiple causes.

Some of them can be related to an error on clipchamp.com, others can be related to your YouTube account, internet connection or the state of the YouTube backend.

Generally, on the "Save & Share" page where you can share a video on YouTube and the other video platforms, when you upload a video to YouTube for the first time, make sure you follow the steps including logging into your YouTube account that are described in this article - https://clipchamp.com/blog/2016/upload-videos-youtube-faster/.

If you followed these steps and there is an error message afterwards this could either be due to a problem on YouTube's side or due to a few other possible causes such as a timed-out connection or a video that is too long if your YouTube account is not set up for longer video uploads - see here https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/71673?hl=en for how to solve this.

Another possible reason is that something went wrong when you logged into your YouTube account in Clipchamp for the first time.

To make sure the connection between Clipchamp and your YouTube account is set up correctly so that you can upload videos, one thing you can try is to delete the browser cookies that are set on clipchamp.com that are related to Google and YouTube, then restart Clipchamp, convert or record your video again, start an upload to YouTube again and log into your YouTube account again as part of the process to see if it works then.

Deleting the related cookies in Chrome looks as follows:

1) Click on the lock icon in the browser address bar. Then click on the link under the "Cookies" header.

2) In the popup that comes up, find all entries related to Google and YouTube.

3) Remove all "Google" and "YouTube" entries.

After that, close the popup, then reload Clipchamp and go through the steps to convert a video and upload it to YouTube again to see if it works. In addition, make sure to save a copy of the video on your computer as well to ensure you have access to it even if the upload does not work.

If the steps suggested above do not help, please save the processed video to your computer first and then upload it directly on youtube.com.

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