Clipchamp Utilities is a free web app that allows you to easily convert and compress your videos for faster uploading to YouTube: learn how Utilities works here.

Once your video has successfully finished converting and uploading to YouTube, a link will display on the "Save & Share" screen in Clipchamp Utilities:

If you did not receive any error message during the upload but you can't see it in your channel, it's possible that, after posting your video to YouTube, it may not automatically appear in your channel due to your YouTube account's privacy settings.

Depending on these settings, you may have to locate the video in YouTube's "Video Manager" first. To access the Video Manager, use this link or go to and log into your account, click on "My Channel", then "Video Manager".


Do you see the video you uploaded from in there? If so, you can retrospectively alter the privacy settings to make it appear publicly in your channel and make other YouTube specific adjustments.

Please note that in addition to uploading the video to YouTube, we recommend to also save it to your computer after Clipchamp processed it. This ensures that you have a local copy of the file in case of any upload problems.

If you'd like to find out how Clipchamp can help with getting your videos onto YouTube faster, please see this blog post we wrote about the subject:

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